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Eileen releases first single, Smile of a Songbird

June 25, 2023  Eileen released her first original single, Smile of a Songbird.  A work for solo harp, Smile of a Songbird is rooted in the Therapeutic Music styles that Eileen enjoys incorporating into her writing.  The recording is already earning accolades across a wide range of listeners.  Smile of a Songbird can be found on many music streaming services, including Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube Music.  

American Harp Society Summer Institute - Los Angeles, CA

June 1-4, 2023  Eileen participated in the American Harp Society's Summer Institute as both an attendee and a 2023 Featured Composer.  Alongside attending workshops, concerts, and networking with other professionals in the harp industry, a new work for harp and cello that Eileen wrote was premiered at one of the composition masterclasses.  In addition, her latest harp solo work, Arribada, was very well received by the audience during the Featured Composers concert.  

2023 Featured Composer

May 2023  Eileen was selected as a 2023 Featured Composer through the American Harp Society's Young Composers Project.  She was then invited to perform her original composition, Arribada, in Los Angeles on June 4th at the Harp Society's Summer Institute.  As a part of this honor, Eileen and the other Featured Composers will participate in special workshops and one-on-one training with seasoned professional harpist composers to propel their careers.  

Co-Host of New American Harp Society Vlog

March 2023  Eileen is now a co-host of the American Harp Society's new youth vlog, Harping Around.  Launching in February with a Premier episode before its first full episode in March, Harping Around brings exclusive interviews and informative discussion to youth harpists in a welcoming format.  Though made with youth harpists in mind, Harping Around will appeal to harpists of all ages.  

HarpistArtist now open on RedBubble

December 2022  Eileen just launched her shop on RedBubble called HarpistArtist.  With the motto "By a harpist, for harpists," HarpistArtist serves the harp community with original timeless designs.  From the student hobbyist, to the seasoned professional, to the casual fan of the harp, there is something for everybody.  More new designs are in the works and will be added over the coming months.  

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