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As a versatile and polished performer, Eileen adds a touch of sophistication to every venue where she performs.  She plays a wide range of musical styles, including classical, folk, pop, and original compositions for solo harp.  Fluent on both lever and pedal harps, Eileen brings her own unique style to each instrument in every performance.  

Over the years Eileen has performed in many places, including Los Angeles, CA; Kansas City, KS; Wichita, KS; Lawrence, KS; Sioux Falls, SD; Hannibal, MO; and the Missouri State Capitol building in Jefferson City.  From nursing homes to performing arts centers, Eileen can please an audience in any setting.  

Eileen C.K. Shafer performing on stage with a lever harp

Film Recording

For many years Eileen has had a passion for film, especially independent feature and short films.  As a hobbyist filmmaker herself, she understands the needs and the quirks that make film music so different from other kinds of music.  While the dawn of readily available midi panels and synthesizers has greatly increased the musical options available to independent filmmakers for score orchestration, nothing can fully replace the sound of an acoustic instrument in the hands of a professional.  Eileen will help give your latest project an extra sparkle of movie score magic with both traditional and unexpected harp techniques.  

Eileen C.K. Shafer recording harp for the film Shakespeare's Mummy by Boster Castle Studios
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