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About Eileen

Eileen C.K. Shafer is a multi-award winning harpist and composer with a passion for bringing the joy of the harp to others.  As an avid performing artist, she puts her heart into all of her artistic endeavors.  She first fell in love with the stage at age four during her first dance recital and bought her first harp (named Cecilia) at age nine.  These two events set the course for what would turn into a harpist’s career.  Along with her regular harp endeavors, Eileen is a Certified Clinical Musician (CCM) through the Harp for Healing program.  As of 2024, she is only one of two CCMs in the state of Missouri.  Whenever she is not at the harp, Eileen can often be found drawing, sewing garments, dancing, acting in theatrical productions, or pursuing her long-time hobby of filmmaking.    

Harpist Eileen C.K. Shafer
HarpistArtist Redbubble Shop

With her RedBubble shop HarpistArtist, Eileen brings a new approach to design for the harp industry.  While print-on-demand services like RedBubble have an array of harp related designs to choose from, many are not made with the harpist in mind.  Eileen built HarpistArtist with the motto of "By a harpist, for harpists" knowing she was not alone in her search for relatable designs.  HarpistArtist serves lever harpists, pedal harpists, students, hobbyists, professionals, parents of harpists, and even those who just like the harp.  New designs are always in the works, so be sure to check back for the latest styles.  

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